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Fencing events are great for team-building for your staff. It teaches you how to cope under pressure, develops anticipation, timing and concentration whilst  having fun and exercising. The most memorable experience. 


Luso Fencing Academy´s fencing events are lead by professional fencing coaches and and will include a brief of fencing history, safety brief, warm-up session, demonstration and an explanation of the basic fencing techniques as well as having a go at fencing itself.


No previous experience is required and you´ll just need to wear sports clothing (note: no shorts allowed) and trainers. All fencing equipment is provided.


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Dexterity Solutions (Corporate Event to Equinix)

"I have been impressed by your understanding and flexibility, as well as your willingness to help and support me in what I was seeking to do to make the experience for my Client a special one.I appreciated your skill and emotional awareness to adjust and adapt the activity for each group and for each individual within each group, to make it both as interesting and exciting as possible for them. Without question you achieved that. Many told me that they had underestimated how demanding fencing was and that they now have a new found respect for the sport and fencers themselves, both in terms of fitness and skill. You also made it a fun experience, where they could laugh at themselves and each other.I appreciated you being at the right place at the right time as well as being flexible that we could adjust the timings by 15 minutes easily and without issue.Overall, reliable, professional and supportive. Thank you.My client has reported only positive feedback, no negative, and that the quality of the instruction was high, and the instructors personable and approachable.I know that without your support the events would not have been the success they turned out to be."


Birthday Party

"Thank you a lot for a great party. My daugther told me that in a scale from 0 to 10, it scored 100!"





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